Window Cleaners bookkeeping nightmare

In this age of electronic banking many of my clients pay by bank transfer. I do prefer this but whenever your book is based on addresses as the primary key payments that simply have a name make reconciliation at month end very tough.

Window Cleaners bookkeeping nightmare

With  so many of my window cleaning customers in Oban and surrounds paying by bank transfer now  balancing a  book that uses  addresses as the primary key to payments that only have a name is proving really challenging.

In order to make things smoother going forward I will be asking all new clients to please use your physical address as the payment reference; just the first line.  

So "4 St Conan"  would make my bookkeeping tasks far faster than say a reference like "Graham" or "windows".

If  you are already my client, and you read this, please can I ask you to alter your reference on the transaction accordingly if at all possible. If it is too much trouble no worries :)

Thank you all again for the ongoing support.

And No the image above is not me... :)



Oban View Maintenance Technician