No cookies and no tracking are on my site. You are not being spied on in any way here.

I created this site myself using Ghost Publishing Platform. I used to do this for living hence the ability.

The main reason for this is that I really dislike these cookie warnings and popups, but if you want to track visitors and site activity I do realize it is a legal obligation.

There is no google data feeding back to me or any sort of analytics tool on this website.

So the only way around this is was to make my site blind and deaf. I do not know who is here or where any of the visitors are from.

I really like real cookies and if you from Oban and need your windows cleaned on a regular basis contact me and I should be able to keep cookies in the kitchen.

GPDR, I think I am compliant in that. I ask you for your phone number and address  for my phone book entry. So thank you for that.