Graham Window Cleaning New Website

Tidy Glass window cleaning, aka Graham's window cleaning moving from wordpress to ghost.

Graham Window Cleaning New Website

Wow wow wow

So I first had a wordpress website. It worked and I got results from it on the search results on Oban Window Cleaning. I used the world famous Divi theme. But Wordpress loads so slowly. I needed to get away from it as it frustrated me. It felt heavy and bloated like a new phone with all that stuff on it you don't need.

If I was a client I would not want to wait 5 seconds for website to load. It should load instantly and the pages I navigate to must just appear. I think it is fair to demand this in this day and age of internet and website technologies.

Photo by Alessio Lin / Unsplash

I found ghost, its truly amazing. I built the site myself as I am from an IT background and feel comfortable working with servers, handlebar coding and NodeJS. The first thing I needed to move from wordpress was dedicated hosting... sounds expensive??

NO..., for a tenner or so a month I have my own fast dedicated server. I have it ultra secure and hackproof. Being my own I can also have minecraft server running on it for my children to build their own realms.

I cannot elaborate sufficiently to sing praises sufficient for the ghost platform.

Photo by Warren Wong / Unsplash

And so here starts my business web presence on Ghost.

I am available for the occasional moonlighting web development project on Ghost. So if you are looking for a new website or a makeover and you would be happy to try ghost as a platform then call me. 07516 374 691.